COVID -19 Contingency Measures

Dear valued client and colleague

On 23 April 2020 Government announced that as of 1 May 2020, South Africa has moved into level 4 of the National Lockdown.

During level 4 of the National Lockdown we are not permitted to trade with our entire staff complement, in office, during our normal business hours, however, we are pleased to announce that we are rotating our staff at our office premises as well as working remotely from home to ensure that, during this time, we continue to provide you with prompt and professional legal services. Please note that our office telephone lines will be open from 08:00am to 12:00pm from Monday to Friday. In the event that you require to contact us outside of the aforesaid timeframe, you are welcome to contact one of our attorneys on the below provided contact details.

We will, however, strictly adhere to the regulations as published by Government with the intention of ensuring to keep physical interaction at a minimum, so as to safeguard the physical health and wellbeing of our staff as well as our clients and colleagues.

In this regard, we suggest that consultations still be conducted by one of our attorneys, by appointment, by either telephonic consultation, Skype, Zoom and/or Whatsapp video call.  Should you wish to make use of these services we kindly request that you direct an email to one of our attorneys to arrange such a consultation.

Should you, however, be in need of service, which require your attendance at our offices, same will be conducted strictly per appointment and under strict compliance with the regulations as aforesaid which measures will be communicated to you upon confirmation of such appointment.

We have also received confirmation, that we are able to access the Masters’ Office, Deeds’ Office, certain councils for clearances, CIPC and various courts during level 4 of the National Lockdown, for very specific services. You are welcome to contact our offices should you require more information regarding the specific services we are able to render during this time.

Contact details :
Office: – Between 08h:00 and 12h:00 Monday to Friday – 011 664 6330
Other: Penny Mahon – / 072 533 7921
Shanette Jacobs – / 066 232 3313
Elizma Kempen – / 066 232 3313

We trust that we can rely on your co-operation and understanding in this regard and look forward to working with you as we embark on this new journey together!

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