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Conveyancing & Property Law

We attend to a wide spectrum of conveyancing and property work, across the country, including transfers, estate transfers, farm properties, subdivisions, consolidations, sectional title developments, township registrations, servitudes and notarial bonds. We are especially renowned for our ability to assist with those more complex transfers, requiring more attention than the norm!

We are situated in Krugersdorp, but assist clients in the Cresta, Ruimsig, Roodepoort, Bryanston, Sandton, Honeydew, and Northriding areas with signature of documents at their home or business.

We pride ourselves on our communication skills and are well known for our regular updates during the conveyancing process, and are motivated to achieve speedy finalization of a matter to client’s and agent’s benefit.

We are a close knit team and our long standing firm has been assisting clients with Conveyancing and Property Law matters for over 80 years. We are committed to ethical practice in all our Conveyancing and Property Law matters.

Wills, Deceased Estates and Trusts

Our estates practice begins with the drafting of wills for clients, with our recommendations ensuring that their wishes are legally and correctly recorded.

Our many years of experience in the area of the administration of deceased estates ensure that an estate is attended to with both professionalism and compassion, to try and make the administration of the estate process as straightforward for the family members as possible.

Our practice in this area extends further to the registration of trusts, and the ongoing exercise by our professional staff of their appointment as trustees in many of our client’s family trusts.

Antenuptial Contracts

Having two “in house“ specialist notaries, we are pleased to assist couples with their antenuptial contracts, ensuring the best start to their marriage. We also attend to the drafting of co-habitation agreements, and High Court applications for the change of matrimonial property systems.

Debt Collection

Debt Collection is an important part of the economy of South Africa. Outstanding debt of debtors amounts to billions and the current non-payment rate has an effect on our economy. 

We assist clients with debt collecting predominantly within the jurisdictions of Krugersdorp, Kagiso, Randfontein and Roodepoort; however, we are also willing to assist with debt collecting within other jurisdictions.

Commercial Matters

All types of commercial contracts are dealt with, including, but not limited to:

  • Leases of both residential and commercial property with emphasis on the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act;
  • Sales of business;
  • Sales of shares and members’ interests;
  • Joint venture agreements;
  • Company Matters 
  • Partnership Agreements

General Litigation

We provide a comprehensive range of litigation services and focus on each client’s specific needs. 

We mainly assist clients with litigious matters in the jurisdictions of Krugersdorp, Kagiso, Randfontein Roodepoort and Randburg as well as the Johannesburg and Pretoria High Courts. 

We have an excellent working relationship with the various court officials and are able to assist clients with confidence in their particular matters. 

Our services include, amongst others, civil litigation in the Magistrates’, the Regional and High Courts, matters pertaining to divorce and maintenance, court interdicts and urgent court applications, delictual claims, contractual disputes, domestic violence matters, eviction matters and debt review matters.

Correspondent Attorney Services

  • We’re always happy to assist our colleagues in the legal profession as a correspondent attorney. We understand how important your matter is and therefore we strive to provide the same level of service as if we were directly involved in the matter.

    Our address also falls within the jurisdictional service area of the following courts:

    • Krugersdorp Magistrates’ Court
    • Kagiso Magistrates’ Court
    • Randfontein Magistrates’ Court
    • Roodepoort Magistrates’ Court.

    Our fees for correspondent matters are mainly charged according to the relevant court’s fee tariff, alternatively as per an agreement reached.